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Hammock Relaxing

Remote Support

Do you like the idea of working from home and getting 80 - 100% commission but you want more broker support? Now you can have the best of both worlds!

The remote-agent model's low-commission cap lets you put more money in your pocket.

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and like working independently, yet still like access to core resources when you need them, this model may be just the right next step for you. You’ll be able to work outside of the corporate box and brainstorm with the Broker as peers – not boss and subordinate.

Remote Agent Benefits

  • No desk fees

  • No-fee online leads

  • Paperless transactions

  • Part of an internationally acclaimed agency: RE/MAX

  • RE/MAX support via video training, marketing material and the design center

  • Twice daily opportunities to meet with the Broker, ask questions, brainstorm and solicit advice

  • Skype or Zoom access to office meetings, trainings, etc., if desired

  • Access to Dotloop, Toolkit CMA and the Cloud Server

  • A valued member of a team with core values

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