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Agent Testimonials

Amanda Boehm

"I feel so fortunate to be working with such a motivating group of like-minded agents. Whether in the office or not, assistance and advice are never more than a call, text or email away. Access to an entire digital toolbox makes it easier than ever to take work with you anywhere. For me, it's a perfect balance having the support and camaraderie of an office but being able to do this job remotely."

Erin McNamara

"There is so much to say about working at RE/MAX on the Bay and having Bud as my broker. His dedication, knowledge and compassion are just a few of the many things that stand out. Bud is committed to being available to the agents - always there to answer questions, handle objections or even talk on a personal level. He provides training opportunities and makes sure to stay up to date on the current market trends and upcoming systems to give all his agents the tools to remain ahead of the competition. 

Bud is family oriented and operates the office with that mentality. He creates a vibe in the office that is welcoming, trusting and comfortable. If you have concerns or new ideas, Bud is open to everything that could benefit an agent or the office. I have worked with Bud from the start and will never work with another broker!"

Ferdinand Giacinto

"What I appreciate the most about being with RE/MAX on the Bay is the flexibility to make decisions that I would otherwise have to get authorization to implemnt. As an independent contractor, I have the freedom to choose without controlling demands. However, I still get excellent advice from one of the most intelligent, level-headed, creative, understanding and successful real estate professionals that I know. 

I often ask myself: 'What would Bud say?' Whenever I need assistance regarding a challenging situation or problem solving, I ask that question and my level of frustration invariably gets relieved. He's always there to genuinely listen and offer valuable and practical advice. I know I can always rely on Bud and Sue for advice."

Judy Halleran

"As an experienced agent coming from a corporate real estate company, it was so nice to join RE/MAX on the Bay and be able to grow my business as I see fit, without being micro-managed to fit into the corporate "box." It is refreshing to be able to go to Bud with questions or concerns and come away with strategies and suggestions that help me solve the problem. I really appreciate his willingness to help me succeed."

Kenny Fratus

"I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to have Bud and Sue Bowes in my life. Over the past five to 10 years, they have helped me grow in so many ways. I have gone from a young man, trying to find my way personally and professionally, to a soon-to-be father of two, with a career that I truly love. 

Bud and Sue don't just give you the tools to help you grow your business. They give you the leadership and support to make sure you are successful. To say that our office is a family is an understatement. Everyone associated with RE/MAX on the Bay is always ready to help someone in need. That team mentality starts at the top, and to have that behind you in such a competitive industry I have found to be invaluable."

Nassim Saad

"Bud and Sue encouraged me to embark on my real estate career, have supported me every step of the way and are a major component of my success. Both Bud and Sue lead by example through their remarkable work ethic, professionalism and genuine care for their agents, staff and clients. Always there with an open door and very appoachable for any question or problem, small or large. 

Bud is very proactive in providing market updates and training sessions for those who choose to take advantage of them, and is always a step ahead of the industry in trends and business practices. The environment at RE/MAX on the Bay is always very positive and encouraging with agents striving to be their very best. I would strongly encourage any agent, new or seasoned, to consider RE/MAX on the Bay!"

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