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How business grows with RE/MAX on the Bay

I often get asked by new agents how they're going to grow their business. While there are many factors that impact this, including the effort you dedicate to it, there are a several things that RE/MAX on the Bay offers to help you succeed.

1. The listing agent is lead protected. This means that any lead coming into the office, whether by phone or online, is directed to the Listing Agent. This ensures that you, as the Listing Agent, have exposure to a greater number of potential buyers and the opportunity to sell the listing yourself. Or, if the property isn't right for the buyer, there's an opportunity to help the buyer search for the right home.

Did you ever wonder why some real estate companies have "Desk Duty" or "Floor Time?" The answer is simple. Typically agents working desk duty are newer and it's a good source of business for them. For the company, they'd much rather have the newer agent work with the buyers and pay them a smaller percentage of the commission than have the listing agent work with the buyer and pay a higher portion of the commission to the more experienced agent. Make sense?

2. Leads for listings outside of our office are distributed to our agents on a rotation basis. When a lead comes in, the next agent on the rotation list gets the call instantly transferred to their cell phone. That lead then becomes their customer to service. Agents get the leads without wasting time sitting at the front desk waiting for the phone to ring.

3. Online leads are FREE. That's right! We don't charge anything extra for online leads. While some companies charge large referral fees to give you onlines leads, we don't. Every agent receives online leads. There is not a "special" group of favorite agents that get these leads like in some other companies.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to me, I'm happy to discuss this further.

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